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Short Introduction of the GBS in Darmstadt

General Organization

The Georg-Büchner School is a Gymnasium for grades 5 to 13 / 5 to 12. There are currently four parallel classes in grades 5 to 10 / 5 to 9. Specifically stressed subjects are taught in newly-formed classes which are chosen in grade 11/10, the introductory phase of the upper level. The students choose basic courses and specialized courses for the qualification phase (grades 12 and 13 / 11 and 12); at the moment German, English, French, Art, History, Politics and Economics, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Education are available as specialized courses. Basic courses are available in all these subjects and also in Music, Religion, Ethics, Computer Science, Latin, Italian and Spanish.

Mondays through Thursdays at the Georg-Büchner School there is the option to take part in a chaperoned lunch in the cafeteria at the Technical University Darmstadt's Lichtwiese campus. Within the framework of the program "Family-Friendly School" and "Whole-Day School," afternoons until 3:30 pm there is an interesting voluntary selection of classes available, a part of which is homework help for students of grades 5 to 7.

Subjects and Departments

All students continue in grade 5 with English and start with Latin or French as the foreign languages. In grade 7 (G9), students choose Latin or French as their second foreign language. Latin or French can be chosen vice versa as a third foreign language in grade 8/9 as part of chosen mandatory lessons. Starting in grade 10/11, Italian or Spanish can be taken if there is the necessary teacher available.

The Georg-Büchner School offers lessons in the bilingual track of English to dedicated and interested students. This means from grade 6 onwards the subjects Geography, History and Politics and Economics, are additionally taught in English. The students in grades 6 to 9 in the bilingual track have an extra hour of lessons per week in English in the appropriate subjects. In the upper level, History in English and other bilingual study groups in the sciences are offered until the Abitur.

In the sciences, interested students in grades 7, 8 and 11 may choose to increase lessons in the subjects Biology, Chemistry and Physics by one hour.

In year 9/10, a work experience is prepared and carried out. Both areas are supported via the existing educational partnerships with the companies Evonik / R�hm and Merck. Work Experience in England is also organized and accompanied by a teacher.

Remedial instruction is available in the afternoons for grades 5 to 7 in the subjects German, English, and Math.

Besides foreign languages, Art, Music, Drama, Computer Science, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Education are offered within the framework of chosen mandatory lessons in grades 8 and 9 / 9 and 10.

In study groups, especially many of the students are able to realize their interests. Currently Choir, Orchestra, Bewegungsk�nste, Theater, Dance, various sports, Computer Science, Science, Chess and social work are available as clubs. Every year the students show their ability in theater productions, in musicals, in Christmas concerts, and on other occasions.

In the creative department the Georg-Büchner School offers special encouragement, e.g. the art department has a quite spacious and straightforward setting, with modern equipment and there are instruments in the music department which can be lent to students.

As for fulfilling the demands of a society of communication, the area of Computer Science, along with Mathematics and the Sciences, is a further focus of teaching. There are currently 35 networked computers with internet access available in two rooms and in the school library.

The Georg-Büchner School, as a leading school of Darmstadt's School Sport Center, is distinguished for its wide selection of sport opportunities. Since the school year of 2004/5, one of the four parallel classes has been run as a sports class.

Field Trips and Project Weeks

Class trips are taken in grades 5/6, 8 (with a sporty focus on skiing during the winter) and 10 (Berlin). Various exchange programs (Great Britain, France, Italy, Hungary, USA) make it possible for students to improve their ability in foreign languages and to make friends with youths in other countries. During project weeks, students and teachers work on special themes, which often take place outside of school.

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